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Consistency- The Solid Formula for the Winning Mom

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

As we have come to realize along our journey of moving our mountains mindset is so important, and it is really the main factor that produces growth and change in our lives. To move your mountains, you also need to have a consistently positive mindset. I will give you three strategies that will create a solid formula to win the day.

If you are anything like me one day you are totally driven, on the road of success, moving mountains left and right, and then the next day you get distracted by your endless to-do list and chores. Ordering more groceries, checking in on the kids learning plans for school. Were we supposed to have the maintenance person come today or tomorrow? Then you hit a wall. You are tired, overwhelmed, and overworked, and you haven’t even started on what you need to do for yourself, your work, your life, or even your business. So, what do you naturally do next? Binge-watch My Little Ponies with your kid until they snap you back into reality because they want a snack. Obvi! Or, when work has you overwhelmed and you cruise on autopilot, not answering the phone and sending your coworkers to voice mail and responding via text because you are just overwhelmed and don’t want to deal. Yeah, we have all been there. But how do you change it? What can you do?

Well, you create a solid formula to win! And it starts with recalibrating when your day gets away from you. It starts in the morning with setting intentions and actions that will help you continually improve and not let the day get away from you. Consistency is the only way to improve and create the results you want in your life.

Let me fill you in on a little secret. For most of your life, you have heard you have to focus on the results when goal setting and trying to move up the ladder. While that is true for the big picture of your life, it isn’t what creates impactful change in your daily life. So, what should you focus on instead?

Step 1: Focus on action, not end results:

The trick is you need to focus on ACTION. The actual things you need to do to move forward. Remember you can do the right things without getting the right results, and that is why it is so important to focus on the actions you are taking daily. You need to be ok without obsessing about the results and start to focus on the journey. When you disconnect from the results you get to commit to the process, then the results will come because you are taking steps to get to your big lofty goals. Process goals or action-based goals are fundamental in long-term results.

As a modern professional Latina mom, I have fallen prey to long-term goal setting without creating the action I needed to achieve those goals. Action-based goal setting is a lot like the operations department at work. Like Operations, you must solve the right problems in the right order to get the right results. It can happen in our careers when we are so focused on getting promoted but we fail to do the work that will actually get us promoted, simply put you are focused on the end results and not solving the right problems in the right order that will get you the promotion you are wanting. If you want that promotion spend time asking yourself what problems do I need to solve with the work I do, and in what order do I need to solve them? Stop focusing on who else is up for promotion, and start focusing on you, and your work. I can definitely help you find more clarity around this step if you are ready to move your mountains.

Step 2: Create and dedicate yourself to mental clarity and focus:

If you are looking to make an impact in your life is starts with your mindset and routines. You need to be fierce about eliminating negativity in your life and mind while creating an environment where you can, and will, win. What that means is being willing to go back to the audit process. You will also want to take a look at the people you surround yourself with. Are the people in your life positive people? If not, don’t be afraid to change things ups and start to shift those negative relationships out of your life, or at the very least give them far less time and energy. You don’t need people in your life taking up your energy and causing un-needed stress. This can be difficult to do especially if this person is a relative or close friend. What has worked for me is time allocation. When I am dealing with someone negative, I mentally allow this person to complain about three things and then I respond with, Wow, that sounds hard. Then I create an exit. Oh, sorry mom, I have to go I have a lasagna in the oven ready to come out, Or, Hey Nancy I don’t mean to cut you off, but the kiddo is calling me. Breakaway and minimize the energy impact these people can have on you. If it is your parent, you may never be able to fully separate, but you can guard your time, create an exit plan, and lessen your engagement by choosing to remove yourself or not engage with their negativity or even their judgment.

If you commit to slowly stepping away from these people or altering the relationship you will feel a lot better. Protect your energy. Everyone will have to audit their relationships differently, but you can start to take control of it. Try this little exercise. Start by unfollowing negative people on social media. I started to feel a lot better when I did this. Instead of getting mad at their content, I chose not to allow it to influence how I feel or what I think. The people I connect with and follow are not negative and uplift others, and that feels good to me. Do what is best for you in this situation.

Step 3: Spend time working on and developing yourself:

To create a solid formula that will help you win the day; you have to spend time on yourself. Time meant for your personal development, growth, and mental health. I like to schedule and build in 1 hour of something for you me. Maybe for you it is reading or learning something new. Investing in a career and life coach where you can shorten your learning curve and get the results you want faster. Maybe you like writing. Journaling may be a way to express yourself. Working out is also another wonderful thing that can be just for you. I get that we are all busy but saying you don’t have time is not an excuse. Yes, you might be really really busy, but reinforcing to yourself that you are not a priority by saying I don’t have time isn’t going to help you build a solid formula to win. Try reframing. Start to say, I am excited to spend one hour learning something new. Or I get to invest in myself today, I am excited to care for myself so I can care for others. Remember words matter, so say good words to yourself.

Another thing you can do for yourself is to find positive affirmations that speak to your core values and personal beliefs and write them down. Place them somewhere you can see and refer to them when you need a reminder. On my daily to-do list, I like to write down my daily positive affirmation in addition to 3 things I am grateful for. This allows me an opportunity to reflect periodically throughout the day, or if I am feeling down. Positive affirmation reset your mind.

One of my personal favorite affirmations comes from the Bible, in verse Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” I say this affirmation to myself whenever I feel like an imposter, or question if I am worthy. It helps reset my mind.

Creating a solid formula to win happens when you are willing to set up systems of thinking and doing that will benefit you. It’s not about big, massive change all at once. Like everything I talk about, it is a small step towards moving your mountains and challenging your thinking. It is about creating a pathway to your best self so you can be there for your kids, your career, your significant other, but most importantly, for yourself. We struggle because we are so focused on the results. Understand that our pathway to success is not straight, it is about building small empowering habits and thoughts that you take part in actively every single day. Creating a solid formula to win means understanding the greatest power lies in the present moment and taking consistent action forward.

If you are looking for ways to create more of your solid formula to win, reach out to me and schedule your complimentary 30 minutes session and let’s find out how I can help you move your mountains.

Consistency- The Solid Formula for the Winning Mom

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